B&B Le Stanze delle Fate


"... .This Upstream of the queen Sibilla is joined to the mountain lake. And it is a very arid mountain and covered with stones, from the feet up to about half. And from the middle of the meadows there are all so beautiful and nice that you could hardly describe, because there are herbs and flowers of all colors and weird shapes, and so fragrant to offer a great pleasure. " (The Paradise of Queen Sybil - A. de La Sale, 1420)

piastrella8The Sibillini Mountains are a place linked to magic and stories that hover around the sorceress Sybil, ancient divining cave dweller placed on the summit of the mountain of.
One of these legends says that the Sibyl queen was surrounded by numerous Servants (Fate) that during the night down in the valley countries to dance with the young people of the place.

These stories have been a source of inspiration for the choice of the name of the B & amp; B and its rooms: the Queen Room and the Handmaids Room.